Are you one of those parents who are struggling with their kids to get them into some physical activities as they are mostly spending their time on phone and never seem keen to participate in some physical activities? It’s that time of year again. Whether your child is a cool kid and is reluctantly trudging back to school or the one who lacks social skills and therefore skipping all the joy, after-school activities are as essential as what happens in the classroom.

To you, it might appear a difficult task to choose an after school activity for your kid as every kid is different in his/her own abilities.Deciding on what your child does after school, is itself a big time brainstorming session but anyways every parent has to go through it when it is about their kids. How about tennis lessons after school?Though tennis lessons might not sound great at first to you, read on – why they might be exactly what you are looking for when it comes to your child’s after-school routine.

With us find a private coach who matches your child’s personality and athletic desires perfectly.

Reasons why should you choose to sending your child to after-School Tennis Lessons:

1.Helps to learnto be Accountable

To be accountable to your actions is the first and foremost step when growing, quite often it is observed that a kid even after committing biggest mistake keeps on blaming the other person for his own deeds, it is just because he knows that it is the easiest task to put all the blames on others and be scot-free. Which is off course not acceptable once you are in the outside world. While, when you are a tennis player you don’t have anyone else to rely on the court but yourself. Tennis lessons help a child understand that fact, and develop as an individual. However, being a sportsperson take dedication, hard-work, and a time and energy commitment but tennis truly expedites ones sense of accountability. During competition, a student will often have to find a way to get through difficult situations on their own. With a coach in their corner, they will help prepare you for that reality both on and off the court.

2.Helps toLearn a Knack for the Sport

It is not essential that a kid has athletic qualities to become a tennis player. Even if your child has that average height, speed, or athleticism. It is still okay, you never know he might just be built to be the perfect tennis player. While it certainly helps to be an athletic freak to excel no matter the sport, tennis is based so much on skill, muscle memory, and repetition that just about anyone can become a good tennis player. After having a tiresome day at school with books and studies, why not engage your child in an activity which help them learn a skill that they could not only utilize in the near future but also for the rest of their life?

  1. It is safe and absolutely non-contact Sport

Most often in every sport lots of physicality is involved. There might be chances that a child gets hurt while playing such sports like football etc. There is possibility that a child is hurt quite deliberately while playing it. Although there are rules and norms for playing every sport, but still there are chances… Everyone wants to keep their child safe. We understand your concern and hence we advise to get your child tennis lessons because while playing tennis your child may experience a sprained ankle or a pulled hamstring, but ultimately you’ll be keeping their noggin safe.


  1. Flexible Timings

As tennis doesn’t depend on too many players at the same time. One has the flexibility to choose his own convenient timing to learn lessons. Whatever works better for you or your child’s schedule you can have tennis lessons as per that schedule and that too at the most convenient location as well, which can go a long way in easing the stress of rushing through the whole day.

  1. Different aspects of Lessons

Sports not only develop a person physically but also mentally. Tennis lessons don’t stay restricted to only physical element of the sport but also focuses on the overall development of the child. Tennis lessons can have different aspects and forms,  depending how serious your child is about sports. Say your child isn’t super competitive and doesn’t thrive in team settings, you can still have them learn a skill, stay active, and have a really great time doing it. And if your child is determined to be world class in everything they do, they can have a great future in the field.



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Are you thinking about being the next international lawn tennis champion or are you just trying to learn something new that will keep your body in better shape?

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