Do you want to Know How to Pick the Perfect Tennis Coach for Your Child?
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Do you want to Know How to Pick the Perfect Tennis Coach for Your Child?

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After going through several days of discussion on your child’s activities you ended on tennis as the final activity for them. Your work just doesn’t just end here. In fact it starts from here as the chase for the tennis coach is what needed to be done. Setting the groundwork for your child’s game is key. An instructor who can ingrain solid fundamentals will facilitate progress. Proper technique is the foundation to becoming a great tennis player.

The key attributes of an instructor are:

One should be enthusiastic, energetic and above all an individual who will challenge your child. One who will keep a child engaged and excited to keep learning. One who knows the balance between challenge and fun. Do not just pick anyone randomly, who just claim to be an instructor. Look for someone with former junior player or team coaching experience.

Your instructor should be in the physical condition so that he is able to keep up with your children’s performance. If a junior player sees that the instructor is not able to keep up with them on the court then you may have a problem. Make sure your child and instructor are compatible to each other. Finding a qualified instructor in your area won’t be very difficult but be sure the instructor can get through to your child on a personal level.

You won’t need the most expensive instructor for that matter. It is important that your instructor is able to teach fundamentals of the sport along with the fun element otherwise there is a chance that your child will get bore of the game soon.

You also need to consider whether your child is comfortable in a private or a group setting. It very much varies from child to child, some just want to be among friends while others can be self-conscious around others in the beginning. You can try hands on both types of lessons to understand what environment, coach and level of attention your child prefer.

Choose an instructor who has extensive experience with children who are getting exposed to the sport for the first time.

Pre-screened instructor would be a better decision. However, there are plenty of instructors who advertise themselves online but it’s nearly impossible to tell who is reliable, certified, or pre-approved. Find a pre-screened instructor to ensure that they will be a good fit with players with all ages and skill levels.

See the level of communication he maintains with you off the court and with your child on the court, as it is a must.

Last but not least, try to find out from other parents if they are satisfied with the work of the instructor and the progress their youngsters are making. As word of mouth works well in such cases.



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