Drills to Make Tennis Lessons Fun at Every Level
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Drills to Make Tennis Lessons Fun at Every Level

As we all know that to become a tennis player one need not to have an athletic body and other such requirements.Tennis is a sport which is good for the overall development of the child. Tennis lessons are always fun. One of the drills that allow the student to get competitive — whether against another player, their coach or even themselves.

Skill level: Beginner

Beginners need to learn the basics, fun is not in just standing still and hitting groundstroke after groundstroke. Drills that emphasize cardio, consistency and competition give beginning players a reason to get excited about tennis.There are few such drill ideas for inculcating fun in the sport:

  1. Easy to start

Beginners need repetition while also setting goals. For this drill, players simply stand on opposite sides of the service line and count as they hit the ball back and forth as many times as possible. Advanced beginners should practice this with volleys, closing in on the net after every shot. This drill allows players to focus on building fundamentals, but setting goals to hit five, 10 or 20 shots in a row motivates them to perform better.

  1. Easy Target Practice

Strategy is something which takes time for the beginners to talk about, but they can certainly get started on shot placement. Set up a quad of tennis balls at a particular spot on the court (e.g. the point where the service line and doubles alley meet). Form a triangle with tennis balls and one sits atop. The player need to hit the target off a feed. This can be done with groundstrokes, volleys and serves. Prizes for hitting the target can add to the fun!

  1. Play way Method

Normally it is observed when players are learning stroke technique, beginners are often standing still in order to perfect grip and form and more easily connect with the ball. Fitness is an important part of tennis, however, so beginners shouldn’t be standing still throughout the entire lesson. For this cardio drill, one person stands between the baseline and service line, racket in hand and the another person on the opposite side of the net does not have a racket, using hand to feed the ball to the other player. The player with the racket then hits the ball over the net and the feeder tries to catch it in the air or on the first bounce. After the ball is retrieved, both the players will switch their positions. Repeat the drill several times to perfect it.

  1. Point Play

Oncethe player has become acquainted with tennis, they are capable of holding a rally. Coaches can engage beginners in point play by having them play out, let’s say, every sixth ball in a groundstroke feeding drill. Since the coach will likely be standing at the net, they can easily control the ball and hit it back to the player in order to keep a rally. Children, especially, will be thrilled by the idea of “beating” their coach in a point.

Skill level: Intermediate

At the intermediate level, students have a solid foundation of stroke technique and should begin to learn about strategy and match play. Live ball drills will test their skills, develop their ability to plan points and mentally prepare them for competitive play. Also, it’s fun to keep score.

  1. Out of the Box Thinking

Play a game (first to 21 typically works well), starting the point with a drop feed. When a player hits the ball within the service box, they automatically lose the point. The opposing player then gets not one, but two points added to their score for this error. While an intermediate player might still be hitting a lot of shots in the middle of the court, this drill will teach them through competition about shot placement and how to consistently hit the ball deep.

  1. Point at theNet

Building upon the service box game, now it’s time for an intermediate players to learn to attack the net if a ball comes short. In this version of the game, if a shot is hit within the service box, the opposing player must approach and finish the point at the net. If they win at the net, they receive two points; if they lose, the score is unchanged.This punishment and reward system encourages players to be aggressive and take risks.

  1. Short Court Game

Many players at the intermediate level are not yet able to slice or chip the ball effectively. Practice these strokes by playing a short-court game — anything outside the service line is out. Simply drop feed the ball and play out the point.

  1. One Serve

Players serve is one of the first strokes to break down. Serving is one of the most mentally challenging aspects of the game. Even when experienced players start to feel pressure in a match.Play an abridged match, in which the serving player only gets one serve. This drill helps players realize the importance of having a good serve and how it can set the tone for a point, and requires them to focus on consistency and control.

Skill level: Advanced

Most advanced players can hit a powerful topspin forehand and keep the ball in play for 50 shots in a row. But what about those less-emphasized strokes and skills like drop shots, wide angles and volleys? Drill ideas for the advanced level players:

  1. Perfecting the aim

Perfect aim by making the court small — really small. Play a point game in which the only part of the court that’s in is the doubles alley. Both players should start on the deuce or ad side of the court so that they’re practicing down-the-line shots. Then switch to the other side for round two.

  1. Short-ball drill

Try short-ball drill that requires hitting different types of winners. The player starts on the centre of the baseline and the coach feeds them a short ball to the forehand or backhand. The player must run up, hit a down-the-line topspin winner and quickly backpedal to the centre of the baseline. As soon as they touch the baseline, the coach then feeds an even shorter ball (to either side) and the player must hit a drop-shot winner, backpedal to the baseline and be prepared to hit the next ball. The cycle repeats until the hopper of balls is empty or the player is exhausted.

  1. Figure out

In this point game, one player is only allowed to hit down the line and the other is only allowed to hit crosscourt. When done correctly the players will be able to make a figure-eight pattern. Then switch roles and play a second game. This drill emphasizes shot placement, ability to control the ball and footwork.




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