Why Should You Give Tennis A Chance, When Your Child Plays Only Team Sports?
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Why Should You Give Tennis A Chance, When Your Child Plays Only Team Sports?

Maybe you have been a great footballer and now your kid too love the same as you liked it in your college days, May be your kid has already a team for playing basketball nearby, may be, there could be any reason for your kid to show interest in team sports, and no doubt they are great too. It is fun altogether to play team sports. But as someone who also grew up playing tennis, I can attest to the benefits that this highly individual game offers in contrast to team sports. If you haven’t yet considered tennis as an activity for your child, here’s why you should encourage them to play.

  1. An average child can also try his hands in tennis, not needed to be a world class athlete.


Tennis is a sport which require no athletic ability. Your child can be successful otherwise also irrespective of their body type. Whereas sports like the football or the basketball requires person with height and a muscular build. Tennis, however, has no such prerequisites. While it certainly helps to be athletic, almost any student of tennis can find their niche on the court. In tennis, strength, height and natural ability are not required to be successful, what Is required is a deep understanding of shot placement and strategy..


  1. No fear of sitting on the bench, it’s your sport particularly:


Often it is observed that in team sports players are more likely to spend games on the bench, or even get cut from the team. Whereas, tennis allows everyone an equal opportunity for playing time. For tennis is played through individual tournaments, kids have all the opportunity to showcase their talent on their own without depending on mercy of a team. They always have a shot at competition. In addition, children who are still developing their tennis skills have an opportunity to play in novice tournaments, which will allow them to gain more experience and accumulate ranking points. For children who are eager to get playing time, tennis is the perfect athletic endeavour.


  1. Help to learn positive character traits:

Tennis helps children develop positive character traits, like independence, mindfulness, concentration, decision making, positivity, accountability, and self-motivation. Tennis practices are often one-on-one with a coach and require children be focused, willing to work hard and motivated to succeed without the support of peers. It is laudable to perform for a team and win, however, the desire to set and reach goals for only yourself is also an important quality to possess. In competition, tennis players think and act alone on the court and take responsibility for their actions, both good and bad. In particular, they learn how to deal with defeat. The life lessons that tennis teaches and the positive personality traits it develops are exceptionaland worth learning.


  1. Tennis do involve team sport components.

Tennis players can also enjoy the components of the team sport. As tennis can also be played in teams, though, not very large teams but tennis happens in doubles too, which is unique in itself that players have the support and comradeship of their teammates. Tennis can be an incredibly social sport — and children have the opportunity to join leagues and attend groups or summer camps. It’s merely a misconception that in playing tennis your child will entirely miss out on the group atmosphere that team sports provide.


All this is to tell you the benefits of playing tennis above other sports which does not at all mean that one should prohibit himself from playing team sports. No sport s less important and one should always try a variety of activities, team sports among them. But give tennis a chance — you never know the next superstar may be your child.




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